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Sangal Constructions took its first big step in 2001 when the idea to change the construction landscape of Ludhiana, Punjab, was born. It is the brainchild of its Managing Partner, Mr. Sunil Sangal. He had envisioned establishing Sangal Constructions as the preferred choice for developing residential, commercial and industrial properties in Ludhiana to take their construction business to the next level.

To realize this vision, we have adopted a customer-centric approach, commitment to excellence, passion for innovation, on-time delivery and superior service, which forms the cornerstones of Sangal Constructions' philosophy. We are committed to creating customer delight in every business initiative we undertake.

Since inception, the company has successfully established its footprints in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. It is in line with the ambitious growth plan to take Sangal Constructions to expand its business to NCR region in the commercial and industrial construction on the back of our strong business ethics. To reach out to our customers, we have established a strong online presence on online directories like IndiaMART in addition to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It is in line with our future plan to participate in Central Government (M.E.S.) tenders.

We believe that any company is as good as its employees. Our team of over 50 seasoned professionals from fields as diverse as Accounts, Administration, Civil, HR, Legal, Maintenance, Purchase, R&D, Logistics, Sales and Marketing are dedicated to realizing our collective vision and mission. In the process, we have clocked an exceptional revenue growth from Rs. 25 Cr. in 2017-18 to Rs. 40 Cr. in 2018-19 so far.

We don't just deliver on our promise, we deliver it in style. We acknowledge and appreciate the support we have received from our loyal customers over the years. Going forward, we seek your continued patronage in taking Sangal Constructions to the next level.


To become the most sought after real estate developer in India by delivering world-class construction services to Small and Medium Enterprises segment.


To drive customer delight by delivering superior service to exceed SME customers' expectations.


We are customer focused, professionally driven, technology enabled and quality oriented company engaged in creating value for our customers by delivering reliable and superior service, ably supported by our team of talented professionals. This has enabled us to create customer delight every time.

Mr. Sunil Sangal - Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Sunil Sangal is the Founder and Managing Director of Sangal Constructions. He is a first generation entrepreneur armed with over 25 years of proven experience in the construction industry. He has completed his Bachelors in Engineering (Civil) from a reputed university in Punjab.

Every great journey begins with a single important step. Mr. Singal took his first step in 2001 by establishing Sangal Constructions in Ludhiana, Punjab. As a first generation entrepreneur, he had to build everything from the ground up. His commitment to excellence coupled with his passion for innovation has enabled him to create customer delight since inception. The company has risen through the ranks to be considered amongst the Top 5 Property Developers in Ludhiana today. He is also inducted as a member into Ludhiana Members' Association.

Mr. Sangal's biggest dream is to expand his business by deploying the state-of-the-art construction equipment to conquer new business challenges, while upholding the promise of delivering superior quality services in every business initiative he undertakes. He considers Mr. Jagdeep Singhal, M.D. of Eastman Impex, as his role model.

He continually endeavours to put his immense construction industry experience and technical expertise to good use. He succeeded in overcoming business challenges through his hands-on work experience, poise, passion for innovation, technical acumen and sound temperament.

When Mr. Sangal is not busy spearheading Sangal Constructions, he transforms into a complete family man. Whenever time permits, he also indulges in gardening, morning walk, yoga and social activities to stay upbeat.

Under his inspiring leadership, Sangal Constructions is poised to grow at an exceptional pace.